Ancient flood dating

Flood stories are common across a wide range of cultures, extending back into Bronze Age and Neolithic prehistory.

In another Assyrian tablet then we see: In the Sumerian tablets it mentions that just before the flood, ‘gods’ left Earth to be safe in the heavens and returned after the end of the flood.You can read more about the story of creation according to the Sumerians here.Read the text above with the origins of the word Myth in mind, as well as the great civilization that the Sumerians built. in Sweden, who asks Dr Jonathan Sarfati about how the ancient Flood legends relate to the account in Genesis 6–9. Dr Tas Walker ably explains why this is not the case. But now, I feel it is time to give you an email which I hope you will answer as fast as you can (if you want, and I hope you do). who accuses CMI of cheapening science with creationism. from Sweden submitted this enquiry: Goodly CMI, I like your homepage and give you my thanks for it.The flood myths or deluge myths are, taken collectively, myths of a great flood.

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