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9/19/16 at AM EST: A few hours after a city-wide BOLO was put out for Muslim Ahmad Rahami – responsible for the bombs in NY and NJ – and he and police get into a shootout. They also said he had no history of mental illness.

In the law enforcement realm we call these “investigative clues.” Adan, like all the other “terrorists” from 9/11 to today are not “radicalized” on the internet or from U. foreign policy or from their lack of education or from their economic deprivation or because they are mentally ill or because of the way they are treated or because there are not enough Mc Donalds in Yemen.

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19, 2016: 9/17/16 at AM EST: A bomb explodes at a Marine Corps 5K race in Seaside Park, NJ. He has invested so much time bending over backwards to appease the Muslims in Minneapolis/St.

9/17/16 at PM EST: A bomb explodes in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City injuring 29 people. Paul and continues to apologize for “islamophobia” there while denigrating citizens who speak truth about Islam and the danger it poses to their community.

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He mentioned that the “most prominent Muslim Brotherhood Organizations like the Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Hamas organization called the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) — complained to the White House about the training inside the government at the FBI.” Guandolo said he “came to understand very deeply the massive jihadi network we have in the United States” and discovered that “the leaders of the Islamic organizations…

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