Britney spears dating sandip soparrkar

Sandip started his career as a hotel management graduate.He completed his specialization in world cuisine and started working as a cook.His skills have led him to work with some of the biggest names in Bollywood and the West (Madonna and Britney Spears) and recently, he even attended the 67th Cannes Film Festival to give a speech on Bollywood dancing. She said, “If you wish to try something different you can.” My father was unhappy.The flawless dancer was recently in Dubai to judge Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa dance competition where Masala! What was your family’s reaction when you decided to make dance your career? He is half-Gujarati and half-Maharashtrian, so he had a very conservative mindset.Which was the toughest phase in your path to becoming a dancer-choreographer?The time when I used to compete in the European championships were tough.At a young age, Sandip Soparrkar took to dance because he was fascinated by the idea of dancing with girls.

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Today, he is proud of me and is taking care of my Pune classes.

And ask youngsters about their fashion idols and some of our netas figure in the list too. Sachin Pilot, Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Milind Deora and so on Says Swati Acharaya, student, School of Communication Studies, PU, I like Sachin Pilot for the simple reason that he is a combination of style and substance.

He is a perfect example of restrained charm and not-to-forget good looks, she says.

But unlike the fellow world leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy or the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, Indian netas still adhere to the khadi mantra. Well, one look at the current crop of our young leaders and we have our fashion icons in Parliament to look up to.

All credit goes to Priyanka Gandhi, who opened the floodgates for Parliament ensembles.

"We ranked the ones we believe were the most ridiculous. Look back at adorable photos of Brit with her family.

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