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But suddenly, thanks to a much publicized veto last month by Gov. He admits that he has been outspoken in his criticism of the governor's anti-tax stance, which, he says, may or may not explain the governor's response.Tim Pawlenty, the Chatfield music library has become the poster child for runaway legislative spending. "People in my district are just shaking their heads, wondering, "What is the governor thinking? "The governor approves 0 million in bonding projects but picks on this little gem in the rough. They're frugal and weren't even sure if they should ask for anything."Says Teresa Cerling, the library manager: "It doesn't bother us so much that he vetoed it, but the way he picked on us, and said we didn't have any merit.The Forestville Townsite, now a living history museum, preserves a portion of one of these early communities.

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