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Whats the easiest way to block an annoying sex ad that is in flash?

In opera I can click "block content" and then click it, and in Camino I have flashblock.

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This has put fear into the hearts of Web content providers who make their living from advertising, with some calling it the “Nuclear Plug-in” – an “evil predator” that is “quietly eyeing all the businesses it would happily devour.” – a plugin that is, even in the New York Times, regarded as an “extreme menace to the online-advertising business model.” One Web designer was so adamant about the Adblock plugin – he said that when you read the content without viewing the ads, you’re “stealing” – that he blocked Firefox browsers entirely from his Web sites. The most annoying ads – flash banners, pop-ups, etc.

So where does that leave people who earn a living, in part, from online advertising?Use filter sets to apply system products and system discounts to a select group of customers.For example, you can provide reduced international call rates for all customers with great credit. Locally on my computer on WAMP everything works great though. Could it be that the godaddy banner above my site is somehow blocking the images and the rotation? The godaddy ad at the top of the page is placed there the following way.... 2) godaddy finds the page (or in the case of drupal, let's drupal create the page) 3) godaddy sends the page to you but keeps the connection open 4) godaddy sends which appends to your page... Change the directory name to anything that is NOT on this Kaspersky firewall list and you should be fine.If I change to point to a specific image (not rotate.php) no image appears either. works because it tells IE not to run any scripts after it.... When we call your directly, it get's the above crap appended to the binary bits which describe the image... Anyone out there have suggestions or can lend a hand? I also love this theme, but the banner is driving me crazy!This chapter describes how to configure the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) pricing data and modules necessary for batch rating with Pipeline Manager.

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