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I recently found out that my husband is a cross dresser. He has a 21 year old son who is really having problems. Finding out about this after 23 years of marriage is tough to grasp. Your marriage is definitely experiencing some problems, to say the least.

I have been married to him for 23 years and have 3 teenage children. I love my husband, but I don’t love what he is doing. He wears make-up, and I know that he has been seeing prostitutes for sex. Talk to your husband and tell him that you still love him, while letting him know how unhappy you are. Let him know that his actions are affecting the entire family.

Fetishistic behavior can involve sharing printed or electronic material depicting exposure of panties, usually of a softcore nature, or direct sight and physical contact with the panties.

Some individuals have a paraphilia for a specific type of panty.

Keep this in mind if you plan on trying to salvage your marriage.

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New or renovated ponds must be properly stocked because the fish that are originally introduced represent the future sportfish catch and harvest for many years to come. Except for supplemental stocking of channel catfish, a pond that already contains fish generally does not need to be stocked.

In general, sunfish (bluegill/redear) are stocked in the fall and winter months. The timing is not as critical with catfish and hybrid sunfish combinations, but fingerling survival is always best when fish are stocked into cool water.

More information about stocking is available in the booklet, "Managing Small Fishing Ponds and Lakes in Tennessee".

All of the above combinations, except catfish only, must be stocked in ponds larger than 0.25 acres, and preferably in ponds 1 acre or larger.

Channel catfish can be stocked alone in smaller sized ponds at 100-150 per acre, without supplemental feeding.

I am not turned on by his make-up or his dresses; he doesn’t understand why. It is no surprise that your son is having problems handling this.

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