Honda pilot updating navagation system

The company wouldn’t reveal which other vehicles will receive the upgraded unit in the future.Considering the 2011 Honda CR-Z and Accord still feature the current system, we’d guess the next model to get it will be the redesigned Civic, which will go on sale early in 2011.Below a list of models and years so you can be sure you are choosing the correct Honda DVD map update.Don’t worry if you don’t see your model, simply click here for the best price Honda Navigation DVDs and you will be able to choose your version from an easy to use selector tool.If you do decide to buy Honda Map Updates then you can expect to wait a few days for your new disc software to arrive.

So as you can see, the Honda Navigation DVD is cheap when you consider how much money it can save you each and every year that you update your GPS navigation maps with the latest software.If you own a Honda vehicle with built-in GPS navigation, by default, those maps are going to be out of date as soon as you drive the car off the dealer’s forecourt.This is why it is recommended by Honda that drivers should buy the latest Honda Navigation DVD 2014 once it becomes available in September time of this year.However, if you do struggle to do this correctly then here below are some instructions to help you get them loaded into your GPS disc-drive.It should take no longer than 30 minutes to install the new software, so be prepared to wait and be patient. Daily commutes, weekend getaways, holiday travel, summer road trips—no matter the occasion, your navigation system helps you find your destination quickly and comfortably.

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