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These optogenetic experiments will be used to define neural requirements of sensory processing.Students will use these techniques to determine 1) how C.Synthetic Population Resource (DSPR) is a large collection of recombinant inbred lines derived from an 8-way 50 generation intercross.This design creates a panel of lines whose genomes are a mosaic of the original 8 founder lines, allowing for unprecedented mapping resolution for a linkage-based panel.We are primarily involved in processing the genomic data, describing the genetic properties of the resource, and developing the analytical tools for QTL mapping using the DSPR.For much more information, visit Allocation strategies are highly complex traits and require a systems level approach to uncovering their genetic basis.In rod and cone photoreceptor cells the phototransductive membranes in the outer segments are continually renewed throughout lifetime.For the maintenance of photoreceptor cell function effective and well regulated transport processes are necessary.

The PI3K/PTEN pathway is an important pathway frequently overactive in cancer cells. Keith Bonham Senior Research Scientist, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Adjunct Professor in Oncology and Biochemistry, University of Saskatchewan Office: Room 4D30.3(306) [email protected]'s lab is interested in the regulation of gene expression, especially at the level of transcription, in cancer cells. Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Saskatchewan Director, Laboratory of Oral, Head & Neck Cancer – Personalized Diagnostics and Therapeutics Office: Room 4D10.2Phone: (306) [email protected] lab works on a number of model genes including SRC, MYC and FRK. Silvana Papagerakis is an established clinician-scientist in the field of oral, head and neck cancer with over 20 years of research success in basic, translational and clinical research within research intensive academic health settings.We use the DSPR (see above) for this work with the long term goal of elucidating the relationship between causative genetic variants, environmental influences, transcriptome level phenotypes, physiological phenotypes, and visible phenotypes.Wing dimorphic insects are a model system for studying resource allocation strategies.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co.

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