Loner dating

He has contacted me (a month later), admitting that he did/does love me, but would not allow himself to tell me because it was his self defense mechanism, to keep from getting hurt.He knew though that he was hurting me due to his lack of communication , lack of giving of himself, when his actions implied how much he cared.Your boyfriend spends Saturday nights at home with a book.Rather than enjoy the company of his co-workers, he prefers to dine alone at lunch.Try not to put your partner in situations that make him tense or uncomfortable. Introverts are also more likely to notice subtleties that many people miss.Because they are quiet and may be more withdrawn, introverts are more likely to have mastered the skill of observation. Your partner will enjoy making observations and sharing them with you.When I say loner, I mean the guy who’s never invited to any birthdays or weddings, and rarely gets a phone call.

and the first and foremost is the mistaken idea that introverts are somehow shy or have social anxieties.

He had been married twice, but single for over 17 years.

As time wore on, it gnawed at me that he could not tell me how he felt.

It’s an unspoken truth that our society is geared more towards the outgoing among us; being able to mingle and hop from conversation to conversation or group to group like a social butterfly on crank is a valued skill when it comes to in-person social networking.

People who tend to make the most noise and attract the most visibility also tend to be the ones who get the most attention… But just because you’re more introverted doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life alone. Sometimes it just means having to change your dating strategy to play to your strengths.

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