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Floor space measures 3ft 10in by 4ft, giving plenty of room.

A combination of off-white walls and a small mirror to the left further disperse soft light throughout the cubicle. They should be done by Trading Standards for their motto: ‘Never knowingly undersold.’ They undersold me!

The jurors had listened to five days of testimony from some of the nation's leading museum directors, viewed the photographs in open court without expression and took two hours to reach their verdict today.

[The Cincinnati prosecutors faced a difficult task under the current Supreme Court guidelines for determining obscenity, legal experts said yesterday.

They came in every week with a new set to develop - cats in football uniforms, guinea pigs with glasses, etc.

There was a button for help and I hope that included a psychiatrist. Two LED spotlights and one strong fluorescent light beam down from overhead and mercilessly emphasise every imperfection, adding years to the face and rucks and folds to a previously smooth-looking frock.

5— A Cincinnati jury today acquitted the Contemporary Arts Center here and its director, Dennis Barrie, of obscenity charges stemming from an exhibition of photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe last spring.

The four men and four women on the mostly working-class jury left the courtroom without comment after what was believed to be the first criminal trial of an art museum arising from the contents of an exhibition.

Dahmer's mother worked as a teletype machine instructor, As her son entered first grade, Joyce Dahmer began to spend an increasing amount of her time in bed recovering from weakness.

Lionel's university studies kept him away from home much of the time; when he was home, Joyce demanded constant attention.

News analysis, page 6.] State Cannot Appeal Shouts and cheers filled the tiny courtroom and two adjacent overflowing rooms where television monitors were set up to view the proceedings.

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