Pandigital firmware not updating


Page ID=357Canadian version: Model R6E2WHK8EU ID=438 For all 6" PDN owners!! PD product pages here: US version: Model PRD06E20WWH8 I can only get it to play videos that are 320*240 which can also be very annoying.I’ve read posts that say to add ‘es file downloader’.I downloaded it onto the reader root sd card but all I’m able to do is click/tap it and get the options to delete or cancel the file.Mad Morgan, that certainly does look like old firmware.

But if you already have this tablet then by all means install this update. I went looking over at Slate Droid and found a bunch of firmwares for this tablet.

I’m trying to root my black Pandigital Novel 7” Multimedia e-reader to an Android tablet.

I’ve tried Pandigital Novel Black upgrader version 6.2.01 (U. version) Pandigital Novel Black upgrader version 6.2.01 (Canadian version) Each time I get the error: (sorry, not sure how to insert picture. One post said I should change my registry with: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fusion] "Enable Log"=dword:00000001 But I don’t like playing around with the registry.

Firmware updates can add new functionality, improve existing functionality and optimize overall performance of the device.

Updating the firmware on your Pandigital Novel can be done relatively quickly using either a Wi-Fi connection or by connecting your device to a PC.

But its long and has a huge list with it) My firmware version is: pole1rd101 2g5 w an150010 ad10 7d bn01 08 18 2010-7d (please excuse any typos, the letters were hard to make out) Model #: PRD07T20WBL1 S. I reset the reader to factory settings, hoping it would work out the problem, it didn’t.

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