Pantyhose chat skype


I am looking to see if I can learn anything new to please my sir and ways my sir could punish me. This chat room is designed for anyone in a dom/sub relationship like I am.For instance, you don’t have to be matchy-matchy (shoes match the bag matches the jewelry, etc.) which tends to look dated these days.You can mix brown and black—and even navy and black. There will be no SEXUAL stuff in this chat room or you will be banned, Also there is no threatening others,or spamming in this chat room or you will be banned.a casual room where you can met people and see if you have a connection no perv's perve's will be banned immediately this is for TEENS ONLY! This is where you talk about kawaii stuff,or you can just hang out and talk.I recently had a very lively debate on Facebook about wearing pantyhose.Many people who commented said they had never (ever) worn pantyhose and couldn’t understand why some people insisted that they wouldn’t leave the house without them.

Do you like naughty garters and old-fashioned, back-seamed stockings or lace-trimmed thigh highs?Tonight I wore pantyhose with grey legwarmers and a black mini skirt in public, at night.I went to the ATM where I saw a nice looking young black lady who smiled and stopped to hold the door for me. My fetish for pantyhose has always been there ever since I was a kid and had a fascination for looking at women's legs with nylons.This is a room for people looking to date online and find their possible soul-mate.Age is just a number and distance is never too far. :)An excellent way to find out if you're a lesbian is to actually go on a date with a lesbian or kiss another lesbian (one that you actually like, not simply any lesbian).Perhaps you prefer the fuller coverage of classic pantyhose completely encasing legs, crotch and buns in a tight but ever-so-flexible “second skin” of sheer nylon.

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