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Earlier this year, I left my job at a newspaper to go freelance.

Having spent the best part of a decade in an office, I’m now working from home. At the same time, the past few years have seen my non-work social group dwindle.

You’ve got to make the most of everything because no one will do it for you.’ Sue was born in East Dulwich in 1969 to a car dealer named Burt and his wife Ann who worked as a secretary. The pair started dating towards the end of 2014 after Anna split from Charles Martin, her partner of 18 years.

‘I had known Sue on the circuit, but about a year and a half ago we met at a party and I was recently single and we just… But I’m more circumspect now, and I’ve come to realise you can’t be long-termist.’ Mel even admitted that she didn’t think the programme – which has won numerous awards – would be popular.

Mark is kind, patient, loving and completely selfless.

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Ultimately, this means you have a much higher chance of falling in love.I couldn't bear to stay in Hertfordshire, where we lived, so I left my friends and family and moved to Hastings to start afresh.Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have undoubtedly become one of the nation’s best-loved presenting duos over the years.For she has since met Mark, who she describes as her one true soulmate.'It's hard to define why we clicked,' says Miriam, 54, 'but perhaps after one marriage and four years of dating, I was better equipped to judge a good man.During that time, she had moved 100 miles from the home she loved and spent a decade eschewing all men for fear of having her heart broken again.

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