Penpals with webcams

Coordinate with other classes from our state to share ideas 5. Communicate with the soldiers/sailors that my children “adopt” each year 9.

Use them in our building for a virtual career fair 10.

For instance, in our current class, we make frequent use of Twitter and Word Press, which makes learning from our peers fun, quick (given the short nature of tweets/blog posts), and simple—responding is just a click away.

A useful tool I use in my Spanish language classroom today is Kahoot, a multiple choice game, which can be used in any content area, where students log in from their cellphones to play against each other.

Around Europe Travel Brochure – Pupils will learn about other countries and compare them both locally and regionally.

[show work/photos] Comenius Website Launch - Includes mascot information and blogs, gallery of mobilities/products, newsletters and European vocabulary/dictionary.

Here are their top responses (in no particular order): 1. Learn about different countries or different parts of the country 3.

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A recent Califone contest asked educators for creative ways a USB webcam could be used to benefit their students.She has said she is 'so in love' with the man dubbed 'the most violent prisoner in Britain' and described him as her 'perfect match'.Luke -79 (NLT) "Because of Gods tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace." I have been saved for a long time, but am not as mature as one might imagine. I am looking for a strong, mature, female Christian to encourage and mentor me. taught as a young person myself that the male is the head of the household and needs to take charge and set rules.I was an English Literature education / Anthropology major with a minor in communications . I am not perfect but I do hold high standards for respect and honor.I married and raised one son whom I Homeschooled from 2nd through 12th grade . I am willing to learn new things and listen to both sided before I make a decision .The game is a source of motivation and is an opportunity to think quickly on your feet (questions are timed).

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