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Collaborative playlists are a different animal, because they’re asynchronous, in that people can access them at different times.While Turntable and Wahwah stream music live to everyone at the same time, like radio, Spotify lets you queue up specific songs in a collaborative playlist that invitees can access on demand, whenever they want.You can also change the playlist cover image, or change the name of the playlist, and those changes, too, will reflect on the recipient end.

The playlist still looks the same, but now, if you share the link to the playlist with another person (using the HTTP Link or Spotify URI, also pictured), they can add, delete, and reorder songs — and those changes will be reflected for everyone with access to the playlist.

If you’d like to stop sharing changes that you make to a playlist, simply tap the Edit button inside the playlist and turn the Public Playlist switch to the off position.

The playlist won’t disappear from a recipient’s device, but future changes made to the playlist will no longer sync.

After it’s been shared, anyone with access will now have the option to add, delete, or modify the order of any songs contained within that specific playlist!

Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley.

Setting up a Spotify collaborative playlist is easy enough from a technical standpoint.

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