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Read here on the rules for best paging file performance. In Windows XP and Vista, the Windows Search indexing service is turned on for all local hard drives. One of the main reasons why PC’s are slow is because of spyware. Do not clear your paging file during shutdown unless it is needed for security purposes. floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, USB ports, IR ports, Firewire, etc, then go into your BIOS and disable them so that they do not use any power and do not have to be loaded during boot up. If you have never used the Recent Documents feature in Windows, then disable it completely as a long list can affect PC performance. One basic tweak that can help in performance is to disable error reporting in Windows XP 75. If you have lots of files in a single folder, it can slow down Explorer. If you have more than one disk in your PC, you can increase performance by moving your paging file to the second drive and formatting the volume using FAT32 instead of NTFS. Turn off unnecessary features in Vista by going to Control Panel, choosing Uninstall a program, and then clicking on Turn Windows features on and off. One of the easiest ways to speed up your PC is to simply reformat it.If I had to name one App Store app that can negatively affect the performance of your i Phone, it's Facebook.Updated March, 2017: Updated screenshots and steps with most recent version of i OS.Not only can it eat tremendous amounts of storage, but some of the things Facebook does in the background also seem to chew through battery and make your i Phone run like crap in general.In this activity students compare different algorithms to sort weights in order.

If I have not written about it, I’ve throw in a link to a relevant article from some of my other favorite sites.

I have tried everything and when I noticed this product in a store I decided to give it a go.

From the first night everyone noticed a much quieter house with quiet breathing instead of a freight train...

You can implement desk-based exercise, or "desk-ercise" while you use your computer.

This workout, when done regularly, can help posture, strengthen muscles and reduce strain or pain from repetitive motion.

In this article, I hope to compile a complete list of all the different methods and tricks that I’ve used to get the last bit of juice out of a slow PC.

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