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In Lollipop Chainsaw, she voices the protagonist, Juliet Starling.

Happy birthday Tara Strong, I hope you have an awesome day and have fun with your family and friends! Plus, the Voice Compares for MLP are all prejudiced to the older generations. I sound so pathetic just talking about this and I can't do anything about [email protected] Kosmos I completely understand getting annoyed with a certain show and it's fans, but I see no reason why you would lose respect for her as an actress or person for being a part of it. I shouldn't make too much of a deal of it, but what am I to do? I have to let it out somehow and [email protected] Kosmos if you can't add anything constructive, then I suggest you vent your dislike for Fi M elsewhere. There are some here that I knew she did, and others that really surprised me because I never wouldve guessed they were her!

My favorite roles of hers include Dil Pickles, Timmy Turner and Poof, Beeza ("Wander Over Yonder"), Boh ("Spirited Away"), Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ("DC Super Hero Girls") and her two of her most iconic roles: Twilight Sparkle and Bubbles! ) 9.) Slipstream (Transformers Animated) 10.) Omi (Xiaolin Showdown)Happy Birthday Raven, Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles, Timmy Turner, Poof, Plum, Sari Sumdac, Ben Tennyson, Melody, Dil Pickles, Juliet Starling, Boh, Omi, Wonder Pink, Vicki Vale, La Petite Ballerina, Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein, Shareena Wickett, Ember Mc Lain, Terrence, Ingrid Third, Roger Radcliffe, Truffles, Slipstream, Princess Ilana, and Beeza. Poof and Timmy Turner(Fairly Odd Parents)@Nightmare Crusher I just don't see what makes Fi M so "superior" than the other MLP generations and seeing Strong's name (and other Ocean VAs I know and enjoy) on the cast shocks me... If I were to tell those folks even the slightest of my opinion, they'll stone me to death (hypothetically)... She has a magnificent range of voices and personality for each charatcter!

Okay yes, she was in the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" games but I am surprised that Filoni hasn't used her in ANY of the animated Star Wars shows ("The Clone Wars" and "Rebels"). Happy Birthday Tara Strong, she is easily one of the greatest VA's to have ever lived.

Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 5. I wish she had taken the rol of Rise in Persona 4 Dancing all night since her voice is so great and could fit Rise really [email protected] Well their is "Star vs the Forces of Evil", "Steven Universe", and also Star Wars. She has a VERY impressive range voicing the likes of Raven, Bubbles, Timmy Turner, Ben Tennyson, Batgirl, Omi, Doctor Octopus/Serena Patel, Blake Gripling, Ember Mc Lain, Harley Quinn, Melody, X-23, Killgore, Terrence, and Scarlett Witch among MANY others!!!

True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball.

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